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Welcome To My Woodworking Ideas and Plans

Still looking for the best woodworking plans? Well, you have come to the right place where I will be sharing on projects, ideas, plans and more. With this little tips, you can start to DIY your favorite projects pretty soon.

So, after reading this, get some cool recommendation to speed start your dream furniture soon. Of course, get ready your own tools and lumber supplies.

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Self Introduction:

Hi, my name is Andrew. I am an avid woodworker since young. Looking back, I have unknowingly gathered some really cool experience of woodworking projects from my dad.

Now, I am about to show you some of the tips to speed up on your progress in searching for the best woodworking plans now.


About This Website

Over here, I have divided this website into two simple parts:

1. Woodworking Plans

2. Recommended Products

On the Woodworking Plans section, I have gathered the specific building of woodworking plans and ideas. Furthermore, you will find some of the best places to get it too.

At the moment, I have complied 7 pages of specific plans and ideas.

Well, do note that I will add more great stuff in the coming future.

At the Recommended Products section, I will give reviews and give recommendations on the products that are helpful to me.

Personally, I have tried and tested the following products and I highly recommended it:

So, do rembemer to Bookmark and RSS me for more future updates.


Have You Seen?

I know, there are many free stuff online. What I meant are the free woodworking plans all over the internet. From my experience, the really good ones are very difficult to find.

Let’s think about it. Why would all the real experts give all their hard work for free overnight? Imagine, they have gone through all the long hours, years of painstaking mistakes and experience before reaching to their highest level.

Just like in our school days, getting our higher school educations do take lots of time and money. In fact, continuous school educations cost so much more.

Likewise, investing into the knowledge and experience of the expert woodworkers do need some time and money too. However, I will show you some great places that give great offers.

Lucky you, I have gathered many great resources from my dad and through the internet. This website will show you what you need to do basis to kick start fast especially you are an novice. Even old hands will love it too.

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Last Reminders

Woodworking should come from your heart, passion and desired. So, on seeing your woodworking plans, put all your heart and mind to get the job done professionally. Turn your ideas into a reality. You will, just like all passionate woodworkers, get all the benefits and joy on seeing your craft.

Time to see and feel the process from the instructions, schematics layout and get ready your tools. Do you know that family bonding can be made through crafting these projects together? Get your wife and children to join in now.  Come and check out some of highly recommended products that I like.

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