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Bookcase Plans Creative Design
We are all familiar with the bookcases that we have in school libraries and those in our houses,…

…but when you start out on your own project, think about making a bookcase that’s entirely different from the ones we are used to seeing.

You may question yourself how you can come up with a good, unique design.  The answer is you search through the internet.

Bookcase plans are sold via internet, but you can find some woodworking websites that allow visitors to take a peek on some of their new and unique designs.


Where To Find

As suggested, why don’t you try some unique designs?  You can actually have these ideas just by visiting woodworking websites and reading their free plans.

You can use any of the following ideas:  canoe bookcase, two bookcases with a bench in between, leaning bookcase, tree bookcase, dinosaur bookcase, rotating bookcase, bookcase from the Alphabet, bookcase with plexiglass shelves, and bookcase on casters.


Unique Cool Ideas

A bookcase from the Alphabet design is clearly a unique one.  Here, you can play alphabet cubes to build a bookcase that spells anything you want.  You may want to build one that spells out your child’s name.

Now, for a room that has furniture that’s frequently rearranged, consider a bookcase with casters.  The casters allow easy movement from place to place.  The shelves are also wide enough to accommodate storage of a variety of items.


Bookcase Plans For Kids

In this project, you may want to focus on your kid’s reading needs.  There are bookcase designs to copy for this purpose.

Here, let’s have just two designs:

1. The first one is the cave bookcase for kids.  This is a shelving unit with integrated nook designed for kids who want to get a book and begin reading right away.  For this, your child wouldn’t need a chair every time he reads.

The cave reading space is provided with the bookcase’s form.  The bookcase itself can be used to partition a room.  To get a clear picture of how this bookcase looks, just visit some of the most popular wood working websites.

2. Secondly, for kids, we have the multifunctional bookcase.  This one consists of shelves which can be used for reading and writing.  The entire thing looks like a zigzag road with three horizontal panels – two of which are used for reading and writing.

But when not in use, this thing functions as bookcase alone.  Again, check the entire structure of this bookcase project in the internet.


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Determine The Prime Benefits
It is important that you determine what benefits you would like to have apart from the bookcase’s original storage benefit.  So, think about the function of partitioning mentioned above, or having the bookcase permanently fixed, or making one that can be folded after use.

After having determined the purposes and the benefits, you can now choose from the various designs from bookcase plans blueprints.  Make sure that you maximize on the benefits the bookcase can provide you. Want to know more woodworking ideas for your projects?

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  1. Andy says:

    Thanks for your tips on bookcase plans. I love the bookcase ideas for kids. By the way, which is better? Teds Woodworking or Woodworking 4 home?

    • Andrew says:

      After testing both, I feel Teds woodworking offer more choices of plans. This is my no.1 favorite in my personal opinion. You have over 16,000 of ideas to select.

      However, some woodworkers still prefer woodworking 4 home as it offers some really unique plans.

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