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Coffee Table PlansFour Coffee Table Ideas

The familiar sight of long, rectangular coffee table on the porch must be adding to the dull atmosphere, or it may be the only furniture that’s unexciting.

It is time to replace it with another one that has a unique design complementing the rest of the porch’s setting.

For that, examine the various coffee table plans they are selling in the internet. But when looking out for the right plan, make sure to consider functionality. A good table can be used in many ways.


Consider The Following Coffee Table Ideas:


Foosball Table

This one is great for inclusion in the game room, lounge, or den setting. Wouldn’t it be fun to be playing a game while sipping your favorite beverage? Make the top of the table transparent so you can see the action underneath.

To have this table setting, you need first to buy one foosball table. Cut the legs to the right size. Afterwards, put a glass slab on the top. An alternative you can have for this setting is one wherein the game is played on the top of the foosball table.


Boat Table

If you are a person who has an inclination for nautical things, this type of coffee table is perfect for you. To have one, you need only three things – a small boat with a length of about four feet, a stand and glass.

Have the glass seated firmly on the boat’s top. With this type of coffee table, guests can see things inside through the glass. Decorate inside with boat or ship items such as ropes, buoys and water containers. To get a clear picture of the entire setting, visit websites selling coffee table plans.


Snow Table

This is nice for people living in areas where there is frequent snowing. With good lumber, build a table frame. You can have any shape for the frame – square, hexagonal, circular, etc. Cover the frame with plastic to hold the snow but put holes on the plastic underneath for drainage.

Fill the space inside with snow up to the frame’s top edges. Flatten the snow surface.

On the top, you can put a snowman or any other snow figures. A snow bird on the top will be a nice decoration. Sit around this table to drink your hot cocoa and use it until this furniture melts away.


Coffee Table Plans Makeover Ideas

Many coffee table plans materials include suggestions on how to decorate the table. For this project, try to make sure that you will have unique and exciting decoration every time.

For example, you can put a photo bowl on the top. Put interesting pictures in this bowl. These pictures can be great conversation starters.

Putting a tray on the top is another good idea. The idea is to have a vessel for treasured objects such as knickknacks and also photographs. Place a vase in the middle of the tray. Arrange flowers for the vase, flowers such as red or yellow tulips.


Look at the two websites below for more tips:


Just Try To Be Different

In this project, focus on one thing. Since you are replacing that boring thing in the porch, you should focus on coming up with a unique coffee table. Remember, it is an easy task to find a good design. There are several coffee table plans designs which internet searchers are allowed to copy.

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    Wow, I like your 4 great tips on coffee table ideas! It is fresh and great to have new ideas and design. I will try out on your tips for my latest ‘coffee table makeover’ projects.

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