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Computer Desk Plans

Computer Desk Plans Computer Desk Plans

To save money, do not buy a new computer desk. Make one. Constructing a computer desk with your own hands can surely make you come up with something that fits in the right space.

With this project also, you can make a computer desk that’s comfortable for your body to use. So, there’ll be no problems with carpal tunnel syndrome or back pain problems.

The only thing you need to do to begin this project is find computer desk plans to guide you.


Basic Computer Desk Plans

The very basic thing to note is this: stability. Use the kind of wood that can last a long time and steadily support the computer and other things on the desk. Remember, there are wood materials that can easily expand with high humidity.

Make sure that you are not wasting money in this project. Two large sheets of sturdy wood are enough for this project. Even those elaborate plans require only around two to three large sheets.

So, just buy these wood sheets from the local hardware.


Woodcutting and Structuring The Desk

For a desk that isn’t elaborately designed, the task is simple. Cut the first piece of wood sheet with the dimensions you have in mind for the top part. Then have two pieces which will be put on the sides. For these two latter pieces, make the length be around thirty inches. This is the standard measurement.

From the wood that’s left, cut out a piece to be used as the beam of the desk. The beam’s length should be based on the top’s dimensions.

Now, have the top piece on the ground. Attach the side panels about 4 inches from each end. Now, connect the beam to the side panels with the corner bracket. That should be about 2 inches from the back edge. Turn the whole thing over and paint it.


Computer Desk Plans Websites

The instructions for constructing a computer desk we just had are for making a very simple wood computer desk. Now, if you want to have more ideas and tips on this, better visit woodworking websites.

There are companies that offer free computer desk plans and you can just copy some of the plans in their websites. If you cannot find a plan to your liking, maybe you must buy a collection of plans.

If you really have specific needs such as wanting to have a desk that is multifunctional, call these companies and ask for special plans.


Watch Computer Desk Making Videos

For both simple and elaborate plans, there are computer-desk-making videos available for anyone to watch. Get to visit some video websites and watch how experts do the job so easily. Get tips as well.

Some companies have woodworking videos uploaded in their websites. If you can’t a video in these woodworking sites, the next best place to visit is websites dedicated only for uploading and watching videos.

However, if you are really serious about getting a professional guide, do visit the websites below. In the long run, you are saving much more time and money.


Check Out The Websites For More Information:



We usually think of computer desks having a big horizontal surface. There is one other option – that of building a desk that’s vertical. For the vertical type, have shelves that are adjustable. You may need to rearrange things there in the future.

For now, go and find computer desk plans to jumpstart this project. Come and get more woodworking tips today.

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